Since we have multiple animes colliding into one. We need a balancing system to keep everything fair. Here are the balancing features and regulations

Powers and transformation equalityEdit

All transformation and powers will be equalized. Here are some examples.

The Avatars in the "Avatar State" are able to take a Ninja under the influence of a demon, such as Nine Tails and can take on a Soul Reaper from Bleach in Hollow Form. As well as a Super Saiyan.

A Avatar in his normal state can take on a normal Ninja using a ability like Sharingan or "Opening the 8 Inner Gates" as well as a Soul Reaper, and a Saiyan under the influence of being powered up. Example, Goku in the Namek Saga before taking on Frieza as a Super Saiyan is equal to a Soul Reaper, Avatar, and Ninja using a ability or special powering up jutsu 

Super Saiyan is equal to Nine Tails form

Nine Tails form is equal to the Avatar State which makes them both Equal to Super SAiyan 

Hollow form from Bleach is also equal to Nine Tails, Avatar State, and Super Saiyan.

  • If one chooses to be  a normal character who is a samurai, or some type of warrior. They will be balanced to be able to keep up with users using Saiyans, Shinigami (Soul Reapers), NInja's, and Benders, as well as Avatars

A normal Bender is able to take on a normal Saiyan, as well as a Soul Reaper in his normal state, and a Ninja. But keep in mind, Avatars and Benders are still subject to the limitations of their own element

More balancing will be added as more character types are introduced