Humans are the dominant species of the Earth. They come in many shapes and sizes. They are a sapient race capable of anything if they put their minds to it. 

Korra and Naruto
A bender and a Ninja



Average height

5-6 feet




Humans are a race who dominates Earth as the main inhabitants, and the smartest. They are simple race who value family, values, and sometimes. Relish in battle, if they follow a warriors path. ALthough there are many other professions Humans take up. Such as being monks, polititans, merchants, travelers, and so on. Humans are capable of many things. The 2 most famous skills a human can learn is bending and Ninja art. Although there is mages, such as Necromancer's. Although the art is frowned upon. The benders mostly come from the 4 ruling Nations while the NInja's come from the 5 villages who allie themselves with each nation. Although bending ninja's have been seen.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Humans can range in many appearances, such as brown hair, black hair, blonde hair, green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, and so on. But there is also red eyes and yellow eyes. ALthough that trait is mostly found in humans who hail from the Fire Nation. They can average in height from 4 feet all the way to 6 feet. Although 4 feet is rare and is considered a medical condition, and are often called Midgets.