These are the rules and regulations of the wikia. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, kick, or ban. Depending on the severity.

Normal RulesEdit

These rules are default to a wikia.

1. Follow the directions of a admin

2. No page vandalism or editing someones page without consent of the owner

3. No deleting content on a user page without consent

4. Follow rules 1-3 and you will be all good

Expect changes and adding of the rules

Chat RulesEdit

1. No flooding. IE constantly leaving and entering. Chat not loading can be a understandment. Just leave a message on a admin or chat mods message wall.

2. No spamming 

3. No god modding, subject to fair roleplaying and understand that no one will be overly powerful than someone else due to our balancing system. However, some characters may be more powerful depending on their abilities. As some species have different strengths and weakness's.

4. Listen to a chat mod and no instagating

5. Never PM block a chat moderator unless you have a valid reason of harrassment. In which case, screenshot said harrassment and show a admin or trusted chat moderator and it will be dealt with in a orderly fashion

6. Do not judge someone by their views and do not force your views on anyone. We all have given rights as humans to believe what we wish

Subject rules to be changed or added for different circumstances

Character RulesEdit

1. Any character is allowed to be made, this is a fanon wikia and this is where your dreams can come true. But please keep them within reason of the universe. AKA, no super soldier from the future that can destroy everything with a small hand sized nuke.

2. Dont make a godly character that can destroy everything. To keep this rule from being misread. Gods are allowed to be made, but understand they are still subject to the balancing system.

3. Characters such as Saiyans and any other character with insane abilities will also be balanced and they are not allowed to automatically have a transformation that would normally have to be earned. Ex. Super Saiyan

There is only 3 rules due to this section of the wikia is very user friendly, but please dont abuse it. Rules will change depending on circumstances.