Saiyans are a warrior race from a planet in the Southern part of the milky way. They are a space fairing people that once ruled a planet called Paradisus. It was destroyed and only a few made it off planet. 



Unknown for sure

Average Height

Similiar to a human, mostly 5-5 1/2 feet tall


Omnivore, they prefer meat though


Saiyans are a warrior race who's origins are unknown. THey value glory in battle above everything else and relish the oppurtunity to fight. Their home planet had 10x the gravity of Earth which makes them very fast and very strong. They are capable of flying with the use of Chi, or inner energy. Avatars and Benders use Chi to bend and use their own powers. A Saiyan is very prideful and very aggressive, how ever. Not all of them are this way.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Saiyans mostly have spikey black hair, although there are some accounts of Saiyans having brown hair. They have for the most part, dark colored eyes and have a monkey like tail. They arent a very tall species. Most of them averaging 5-5 1/2 feet tall. The hair of a pure blooded Saiyan also doesnt grow, staying the same length from the day he is born. Which is sometimes funny seeing a new born baby with a full head of hair that would be the same length as a adults hair.


Their tail is their main weakness, grabbing a Saiyans tail can paralyze him until it is let go. It also allows him to transform into a giant ape at a full moon.